The call for submissions is open for this year’s Haskell Symposium. It will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden this September, and will be co-located, as is traditional, with ICFP.

I’m on the program committee – my first time serving on such a committee. I’m sure the thrill of being asked to be on program committees wears off after the tenth or hundredth such invitation, but for now, I’m excited to be involved!

The call for submissions solicits twelve-page regular papers and Functional Pearl papers and six-page Experience Report papers. I want to make special mention of this part:

[Functional Pearls and Experience Reports] need not necessarily report original research results; they may instead, for example, report practical experience that will be useful to others, reusable programming idioms, or elegant new ways of approaching a problem. The key criterion for such a paper is that it makes a contribution from which other Haskellers can benefit.

And we’re also looking for two-page demo proposals, “based on running (perhaps prototype) software rather than necessarily on novel research results.”

The Haskell community now extends far beyond academia. Please consider submitting a paper or a demo to the conference. If you’ve never submitted anything to an academic conference before, take comfort in the knowledge that I’ve never been on a program committee for an academic conference before, and we’re both figuring it out as we go along.

I look forward to reading your submissions!