Tiny Transactions on Computer Science, the premier venue for computer science research of 140 characters or less, is seeking submissions for its third volume! I’ve been a fan of Tiny ToCS since it began, and I’m proud to be serving on the program committee for Volume 3.

Quoting from the Tiny ToCS website:

Tiny ToCS is a forum for high-quality scholarly discourse that challenges researchers to engage with their work in new capacities. Not only does the restricted format require a concise distillation of scholarly results, but the short format will be more accessible to the Computer Science community at large. Tiny ToCS favors accessible, carefully crafted, creative research, and invites submissions both about novel ideas as well as summaries or distillations of existing work.

A Tiny ToCS paper can present previously unpublished work, summarize a previously published paper, argue a position, propose a new direction of research, or share a clever or amusing insight – you can find examples of all these approaches in Volumes 1 and 2. If you’ve never tried to distill the essence of your research into a tweet-sized sentence, Tiny ToCS is a good reason to give it a shot.

Submissions are due on January 15 18, about two weeks from now. We’re excited to see what you come up with! See you next year!