Once again this year, I’m serving on the program committee for IFL, the annual Symposium on Implementation and Application of Functional Languages, and the call for papers is open. This year’s symposium will be in Koblenz, Germany, over September 14-16. If you’re in Europe and ICFP’s just a bit too far away for you to justify going this year, IFL is a nice substitute!

Quoting from the IFL website:

The goal of the IFL symposia is to bring together researchers actively engaged in the implementation and application of functional and function-based programming languages. IFL 2015 will be a venue for researchers to present and discuss new ideas and concepts, work in progress, and publication-ripe results related to the implementation and application of functional languages and function-based programming.

An important thing to note about IFL is that it does reviewing a little differently than most academic PL venues. Before the symposium, you submit a draft paper (this year’s submission deadline is August 10), but the submissions are merely checked to make sure that they’re in scope; there’s no extensive pre-symposium reviewing. Then, once the symposium is over, you can submit a revised full article if you want to. The deadline for this revised version isn’t until December. Those submissions will be reviewed in the usual way, and included in a post-symposium proceedings if they’re accepted (and there’s a very nice award, the Peter Landin prize, for the best paper).

I’ve written before about how I like the IFL model. It gives authors a chance to present work that’s at an early stage and get in-person advice and feedback, with an opportunity to go for publication afterward if they want to, but with no obligation to do so. If that sounds good to you, too, I hope you’ll consider submitting a paper!

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