I’m serving on the program committee for the 2018 Workshop on Principles and Practice of Consistency for Distributed Data, co-located with EuroSys ‘18 in Porto, Portugal. This will be my second time on the PC of PaPoC, a workshop that I like a lot.

Quoting from the website:

This workshop aims to investigate the principles and practice of consistency models for large-scale, fault-tolerant, distributed shared data systems. It will bring together theoreticians and practitioners from different horizons: system development, distributed algorithms, concurrency, fault tolerance, databases, language and verification, including both academia and industry.

Relevant discussion topics include:

  • Design principles, correctness conditions, and programming patterns for scalable distributed data systems.
  • Techniques for weak consistency: session guarantees, causal consistency, operational transformation, conflict-free replicated data types, monotonic programming, state merge, commutativity, etc.
  • Techniques for scaling and improving the performance of strongly consistent systems (e.g., Paxos-based, state machine replication, shared-log consensus, blockchain).
  • How to expose consistency vs. performance and scalability trade-offs in the programming model, and how to help developers choose.
  • How to support composed operations spanning multiple objects (transactions, workflows).
  • Reasoning, analysis and verification of weakly consistent application programs.
  • How to strengthen the guarantees beyond consistency: fault tolerance, security, ensuring invariants, bounding metadata size, and controlling divergence.

If you’re working on any of those things, please consider submitting a two-page talk proposal by the deadline of February 7! I look forward to reading your submissions.