Welcome to CMPS128, spring 2019 edition!

For more information, read the first-day-of-class course overview, then check out the schedule of topics.

Aerospike: A Distributed Database Zine insync with NTP Let's Talk Replication in Distributed Systems Reader's Digest: A Summarization of Leslie Lamport's 'Time, Clocks and the Ordering of Events in a Distributed System' Replica Conflict Resolution Solving the Mutually Exclusive Problem of Distributed Systems Wait what, did Alexa just take an order from my dog? What Makes the Web Fast? Why We Make Copies: A Note on Replication

A zine is a short, self-published, often hand-drawn and hand-lettered booklet, usually reproduced by photocopying. Please enjoy these distributed systems zines created by CMPS128 students!

Huh? What do I do with these bizarrely formatted PDFs?

Don’t panic! These zines are formatted to be ready to fold into a booklet when printed double-sided. If you’re confused, Julia Evans has a video on how to fold a zine (stapling is optional).

These should be printed double-sided with short edge binding:

These should be printed double-sided with long edge binding: